Why Is Dior Sauvage Hated?


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Dior Sauvage is a fragrance that has received both love and hate from people. Some people dislike it because it includes large amounts of a molecule called ambroxan which some people can smell and some people cannot1. Others dislike it because they had high expectations for it as Dior’s first non-flanker release in over 10 years2. However there are also people who love the fragrance6. Some people have made videos on YouTube discussing why there is so much hate for Dior Sauvage35. On the other hand some people have repurchased the fragrance after initially disliking it4. Overall the reasons for why Dior Sauvage is hated are subjective and vary from person to person.

What specific aspects of Dior Sauvage have garnered negative reactions or criticism from consumers or the fragrance community?

There have been mixed reactions to Dior Sauvage from consumers and the fragrance community. Some specific aspects that have garnered negative reactions or criticism include:

  • Harshness: When Sauvage was released in 2015 it was harshly criticized and called a joke a flop and an atrocious stinker of a scent.
  • Allergic reactions: One user on the Basenotes Forum reported experiencing a headache and clogged sinuses after using Eau Sauvage by Dior.

However there are also many positive reviews of Dior Sauvage. Some people who initially disliked the fragrance have changed their minds over time as seen in a YouTube video where the reviewer repurchased the fragrance after five years of trashing it.

Additionally there are videos of women reacting positively to Dior Sauvage Elixir and comparing it favorably to other fragrances.

How has the perception of Dior Sauvage evolved over time since its initial release and what factors might have contributed to the emergence of negative opinions?

The perception of Dior Sauvage has evolved over time since its initial release. Initially it was well-received and became a popular fragrance among men.

However negative opinions have emerged over time and some people now make fun of it. Some factors that might have contributed to the emergence of negative opinions include:

  • Cultural Appropriation: In 2019 Dior released a commercial for Sauvage that featured Native American imagery and was criticized for cultural appropriation.
  • Overuse: Some people wear Sauvage because it smells “nice” and they want as many compliments and as few negative comments as possible leading to overuse and a lack of uniqueness.
  • Lack of Originality: Some people feel that Sauvage lacks originality and was created by a computer or corporate machine.

Despite the negative opinions there are still many people who enjoy Sauvage and consider it a masterpiece. The fragrance has also evolved over time with new interpretations such as Sauvage Parfum and different concentrations like EDT EDP Parfum and Elixir.

Are there any common alternatives or competitors to Dior Sauvage that people who dislike the fragrance tend to prefer and what elements set these alternatives apart in terms of scent or design?

Here are some common alternatives to Dior Sauvage that people who dislike the fragrance tend to prefer:

  1. Ventana by Armaf: This is considered the best-value alternative to Dior Sauvage. It is the cheapest option and is said to be 95% similar to Dior Sauvage.
  2. Prada Luna Rossa Carbon: This fragrance is often described as a smoother version of Dior Sauvage. It shares similar notes such as bergamot ambroxan lavender and pepper.
  3. Ajmal Zeal: This alternative to Dior Sauvage has a twist of pine and is known for its unique scent.
  4. Chanel Bleu de Chanel: This fragrance is often considered a better alternative to Dior Sauvage. It offers a different scent profile and is highly regarded in the fragrance community.
  5. Nautica Voyage: This fragrance is praised for its price value and is a great alternative to Dior Sauvage. It has a unique aura and costs significantly less.
  6. Creed Aventus: This fragrance is highly regarded and often considered a replacement for Dior Sauvage. It is known for its unique scent and is one of the most cloned perfumes.

It’s important to note that fragrance preferences are subjective and what works for one person may not work for another. These alternatives offer different scent profiles and design elements that may appeal to those who dislike Dior Sauvage.