Mistakes to Avoid When Testing Perfumes: The 5 Biggest Blunders


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Testing perfumes allows discovering dream scents suiting personal tastes. However rookie errors abound in fragrance sampling.

Before approaching the tester counter avoid these common pitfalls for better assessments.

1. Poorly Timed Testing

Sniff testing shortly after drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes numbs sensitivity. The palate needs cleaning before accurately evaluating notes.

Also avoid sampling right after applying lotion or washing hands as lingering scents can interfere.

2. Overspraying

Less is more when initially sampling perfumes. Too much product overwhelms the nose rather than allowing gentle evaluation of underlying notes.

Apply fragrances lightly and build gradually if needed.

3. Rubbing Test Strips

Vigorously rubbing fragranced strips quickens evaporation of delicate top notes essential for full impression. Instead gently wave strips to lightly waft scent with key layers intact.

4. Sniffing Too Closely

Jamming nostrils against wrists or strips makes detecting specific notes difficult. Pull scents in gently from a few inches back instead while breathing normally to let aromatics fully develop.

5. Rushing Judgments

First impressions prove deceiving as different notes emerge over time. Forestall immediate opinions until experiencing how fragrances transition.

Be patient scrutinizing evolution across top middle and base layers before deciding if it’s full love.

With mindfulness around these rookie testing errors exploring new fragrances becomes more fruitful informed and enjoyable. Strike the right chord on your scent journey by avoiding poor testing pitfalls from the opening top notes down to the lasting base.