Is Nautica Voyage Long Lasting?


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Nautica Voyage is a fresh clean cologne for men that is highly enjoyable and has great quality for the price you pay

12. It is an inoffensive watery mouthwatering and significantly green fragrance that lasts up to 7 hours while it will project beautifully for the first 1 and a half hours1. Some people have reported that they can detect it even after 9 hours so the longevity of the fragrance may depend on your skin1. In general Nautica Voyage has respectable longevity for such a low-cost scent with up to 6 hours of total longevity2. It is also reported to be versatile for daytime use2. Overall the suggest that Nautica Voyage is a long-lasting fragrance that provides good value for its price.

What are some factors that contribute to the longevity of Nautica Voyage fragrance such as its ingredients or formulation?

The longevity of Nautica Voyage fragrance may be influenced by its ingredients and formulation. The fragrance contains notes of apple green leaves lotus mimosa musk cedar oakmoss and cucumber.

The scent opens with a burst of citrus including green apple and lemon that creates an initial impression of freshness and vitality. The composition is laid on a woody base combined of cedar moss musk and amber.

The fragrance is described as fresh bold and aquatic anchored by a rich fusion of crisp green apple drenched mimosa and water lotus. The longevity and sillage of Nautica Voyage are moderate.

Overall the fragrance is considered a good option for those who want a versatile and affordable scent that can be worn on any occasion.

Could you provide a comparison between the longevity of Nautica Voyage and other popular men’s fragrances on the market?

There is no information available on the longevity of Nautica Voyage compared to other popular men’s fragrances on the market. However there are several resources that provide comparisons between Nautica Voyage and other fragrances based on their scent profiles and overall performance.

Here are some of the comparisons found in the :

  • Fragrantica forum users suggest that fragrances similar to Nautica Voyage include Perry Ellis 360 Red Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts and Montblanc Legend.
  • recommends five fragrances that smell similar to Nautica Voyage: Spicier Blue Mix Great Newer Flanker High End Cold Gin Crisp Fruits Less Florals and Drier.
  • also provides a comparison between Nautica Voyage and Nautica Blue noting that Voyage has a juicier/citrus scent while Blue has a more aquatic scent.
  • compares Nautica Voyage to Davidoff Cool Water noting that Voyage has a more playful and sexy scent while Cool Water smells more mature.
  • also recommends five fragrances that are similar to Nautica Voyage: Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Gold Blend Nautica Midnight Voyage By Kilian Roses On Ice Kenneth Cole Mankind Legacy and Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue.

It’s important to note that the longevity of a fragrance can vary depending on factors such as skin type application method and environmental conditions. Therefore it’s best to try out fragrances for yourself to determine their longevity on your skin.

Does the Low Price of Nautica Voyage Affect Its Longevity?

The reasons for Nautica Voyage pricing may be due to various factors such as the use of synthetic ingredients and the cost-effective manufacturing process. However, the low price of Nautica Voyage should not affect its longevity as the brand is known for producing high-quality, long-lasting fragrances at affordable prices.

Have you noticed any variations in the lasting power of Nautica Voyage based on factors like skin type weather conditions or application techniques?

Here are some variations in the lasting power of Nautica Voyage based on different factors:

Factors that can affect the longevity of Nautica Voyage:

  • Skin type: The longevity of Nautica Voyage can vary depending on your skin type.
  • Weather conditions: The weather can also impact the lasting power of Nautica Voyage.
  • Number of sprays applied: The number of sprays you apply can affect how long the fragrance lasts.

Additional information about Nautica Voyage:

  • Nautica Voyage is a fragrance that promises a fresh and aquatic scent perfect for warm weather.
  • The longevity and sillage of Nautica Voyage are moderate with the fragrance staying on the skin for a few hours before fading away.

It’s important to note that individual experiences may vary and factors such as body chemistry and personal preferences can also influence the longevity of a fragrance. It’s always a good idea to test a fragrance on your own skin to see how it performs for you.