Is Nautica Voyage a Strong Fragrance?


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Nautica Voyage is a fresh clean and affordable fragrance for men

145. It contains notes of apple lotus green notes musk cedar and oakmoss1. The scent is described as airy green musky and watery with an aquatic and clean composition that reminds you of blue endless ocean waves4. It is a ravishing scent with a woody backbone4. The fragrance is generally considered to be light and not overpowering145. Therefore it can be concluded that Nautica Voyage is not a strong fragrance.

What specific notes or ingredients are prominent in Nautica Voyage that contribute to its perceived strength as a fragrance?

Nautica Voyage is a fragrance for men that promises a fresh and aquatic scent that is perfect for summer or warm weather. The fragrance contains the following notes:

  • Top notes: Apple and Green Leaves
  • Middle notes: Lotus and Mimosa
  • Base notes: Musk Cedar Oakmoss and Amber

Nautica Voyage has a fresh and inoffensive scent that is anchored by a rich fusion of crisp green apple drenched mimosa and water lotus. The fragrance also contains citrus fruits and lotus as middle notes which give the cologne a refreshing and invigorating quality.

The longevity and sillage of the fragrance are moderate and the bottle design is simple and functional.

How does the strength of Nautica Voyage compare to other popular men’s fragrances on the market in terms of its longevity and projection?

Nautica Voyage has moderate longevity and projection. According to a comparison with Davidoff Cool Water both fragrances have a moderate sillage.

In terms of projection a reviewer on Reddit described Nautica Voyage as having “decent projection”. However a video review on YouTube claims that there are fragrance alternatives that are superior to Nautica Voyage in terms of longevity and projection.

It’s worth noting that fragrance preferences are subjective and can vary from person to person.

Does Nautica Voyage N83 Have a Stronger Scent Than Nautica Voyage?

Yes, Nautica Voyage N83 does have a stronger scent profile than the original Nautica Voyage. The Nautica Voyage N83 scent profile is bolder and more intense, making it a great choice for those who prefer a potent fragrance.

Are there any particular occasions or seasons in which the strength of Nautica Voyage is more suitable or effective?

Nautica Voyage is a fragrance that is particularly suitable and effective for certain occasions and seasons. Here are some instances where it is recommended to wear Nautica Voyage:


  • Spring and summer: Nautica Voyage is often described as a fresh and aquatic scent making it perfect for the warmer months. Its refreshing and uplifting qualities are well-suited for hot and sunny days.


  • Outdoor gatherings: The fresh and salty sea breeze notes of Nautica Voyage make it a great choice for outdoor events and gatherings.
  • Gym and sports: The invigorating and energetic nature of the fragrance makes it suitable for physical activities.
  • Office and casual: Nautica Voyage is versatile enough to be worn in professional settings or for everyday casual wear.
  • Holidays and vacations: The refreshing and summery scent of Nautica Voyage is a good companion for holiday trips and vacations.

It is worth noting that Nautica Voyage is often described as a mass-appealing scent that is easy to like and a safe blind buy. While it may not be the most unique or complex fragrance on the market it delivers a fresh and aquatic scent that is well-suited for warm weather.

Overall Nautica Voyage is best suited for daytime wear but it can also be worn on various occasions including work coffee breaks dates and even clubbing or romantic dinners. It is a versatile fragrance that can be enjoyed in a wide range of settings.