How To Clean Refillable Perfume Bottle?


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To clean a refillable perfume bottle, you can follow these steps:

  1. Rinse the Bottle: Rinse the bottle to remove any leftover perfume.
  2. Create a Soap and Water Mixture: Fill an empty spray bottle with warm water and add a drop of mild dish soap.
  3. Pump the Mixture Through the Bottle: Pump the soap and water mixture through the perfume bottle.
  4. Rinse Thoroughly: Ensure all the soap is gone by rinsing the bottle with warm water.
  5. Let It Dry: Let the bottle dry before refilling it with a new fragrance.

Some people also use other methods such as filling the bottle with rubbing alcohol or ethanol to remove the scent, or soaking the parts in rubbing alcohol overnight. 

However, the soap and water method is a simple and effective way to clean a refillable perfume bottle.

Keep it Clean: Properly Caring for Your Refillable Perfume Bottle

Committing to a refillable fragrance bottle means repurchasing your signature scent sustainability for years on end. But first-use excitement can leave buildup once initial juices run dry.

Learn proper cleaning so your bottle stays pristine and ready for endless topping off!

Follow these best practices for keeping reusable perfume vessels in flawless condition fill after fill.

Rinse Residue Away

Each spray application leaves trace amounts of fragrant chemicals behind. So the first cleaning step flushes out visible film or staining.

Simply run warm water through the empty bottle for 60 seconds, swirling to coat all interior surfaces. Rinse until the rinse water runs completely clear.

Pat the outside dry then allow upside down positioning for at least an hour. This allows any hidden liquid pockets to drain out completely.

Bust Bottleneck Grime

Where the spray nozzle meets bottle requires extra scrubbing focus. Perfume oils and alcohols leave stubborn rings around this junction point.

Fill an empty spray cleaner bottle with warm water and a drop of odorless dish soap. Pump repeatedly to foam and flush grime away.

Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

For splash bottles, use a bottle brush soaked in diluted cleaner to gently dislodge debris around interior rims and threaded lid areas.

Soak Stubborn Stains

Light stains or water rings prove more stubborn to remove. Break out the big guns using white distilled vinegar or rubbing alcohol to tackle these issues.

Soak affected areas by partially filling, capping and shaking. Let sit an hour before dumping out liquid.

Rinse 3-4 times until no cleaner scent lingers.

UV Sanitization

For an extra anti-bacterial boost between refills try UV sanitizing. Place dry empty bottles into any standard sanitizing box then run a 10 minute cycle.

The powerful ultraviolet light irradiates biological contaminants while preserving material integrity on most containers. Just remember to fully air dry post-cycle before refilling!

Preserve Pristine Condition

Proper perfume bottle storage also prevents deteriorating. Keep empty containers sealed and housed inside their original branded boxes between refills.

Store out of direct light in moderate room temperature conditions.

Follow these best practices, and your cherished bottle stays like new for endless top-ups with your signature scent. Never retire a perfume again!

Do you have any special deep cleaning tricks for perfume vessels? Share your top tips below!