Does Ulta Refill Perfume Bottles?


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Yes, Ulta offers refill options for certain perfume bottles.

For example, they offer refills for Viktor&Rolf Good Fortune Eau de Parfum Refill and Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum Refillable. These refills are designed to be eco-conscious and help reduce waste.

To refill your perfume bottle, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Remove the cap and unscrew the spray applicator.
  2. Take the refill bottle and fill it into the perfume bottle.
  3. Twist the refill cap slightly to the right to close it after use.

Please note that shipping restrictions may apply for certain brands, and this item cannot be shipped via air. Additionally, some brands may be excluded from most Ulta Beauty coupons.

Reduce and Reuse: Ulta’s Game Changing Perfume Refill Program

In the battle against packaging waste, retailers like Ulta demonstrate eco-leadership through inventive refill programs. Select designer fragrances now offer reusable vessels, promoting sustainability while keeping us smelling divine.

Below we detail how to take advantage of Ulta’s perfume refill initiative so your signature scent lasts a lifetime!

Viktor & Rolf’s Double Fortune

The avant-garde Dutch design team makes reducing fashion’s footprint fashionable via their sleek refillable Good Fortune eau de parfum. The intricate faceted bottle topped with a bow becomes endlessly renewable.

Starting at $120 for the initial vessel and juice, subsequent refills cost just $90. Considering Viktor&Rolf’s creativity, this concept seems almost destined to spread good fortune!

Lancôme’s Belle Du Jour

This Parisian perfume house grants new life to their iconic La Vie Est Belle bottle through Ulta’s recycling program. Refills of the beloved gourmand floral eau de parfum start at only $96.

Lancôme reignited sales by appealing to eco-conscious fans who can now infinitely experience that revolutionary iris pallida infused juice in the landmark black curved bottle.

No Restrictions Necessary

Unlike some retailers, Ulta’s current perfume refill assortment faces no restrictions. All US customers qualify for free shipping regardless of location.

These repeat purchase items also bypass typical Ulta coupon exclusions. So budget-savvy shoppers can enjoy maximum discounts on top of the lower refill pricing.

Ulta’s forward-thinking removes every barrier possible to promote sustainable designer fragrance consumption.

Reuse Made Easy

Refreshing your perfume vessel takes just moments thanks to Ulta’s intuitive refill process:

First remove spray parts, then tip the bulk refill bottle upside down into your empty container. A wide mouth funnel cap guarantees no dripping or spills.

Give a slight twist once emptied to reseal for storage.

Within seconds, your beloved bottle brims ready to mist skin with memories thanks to Ulta’s commitments.

The Future Is Refillable

Industry analysts predict the reusable packaging movement creates ripples across the entire personal care space as consumer demand for reduced waste accelerates.

Ulta’s program provides the infrastructure to quickly scale up perfume refillables now and potentially expand into environmentally-friendly makeup and skincare down the road.

Ulta’s goal is to ensure 50 percent of all packaging sold, including the Ulta Beauty Collection, will be made from recycled or bio-sourced materials, or will be recyclable or refillable by 2025.

Make The Eco-Choice

With top designers like Viktor&Rolf and Lancôme embracing next-gen refill tech, smelling spectacular without environmental guilt becomes reality. Ulta makes it easier than ever to minimize fashion’s footprint through their forward-looking initiatives.

The future of beauty is reusable. Voice your support for clean choices below to motivate further innovations!