Does Prada Refill Perfume? (+ The Cost)


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Yes, Prada offers a refill service for their perfume. Prada has a range of refillable fragrances that allows customers to enjoy some of their most prominent perfumes again and again.

Customers can get a 100 ml refillable perfume bottle on Prada Beauty.

One of their refillable perfumes is Paradoxe, a floral ambery fragrance that embraces the paradoxes of iconic ingredients to reveal new scented sensations. The entire Prada Paradoxe range is refillable, allowing for less packaging material.

A single 1.6 oz bottle of Prada Paradoxe and a 3.4 oz refill helps avoid the use of 40% less packaging material. Customers can also purchase a refill pack on Amazon to conveniently top up their favorite perfume bottle with 100ml of this iconic scent.

how to purchase a refillable perfume bottle from prada

You can purchase a refillable perfume bottle from Prada on their official website, Prada Beauty. They offer a 100 ml refillable perfume bottle for some of their prominent perfumes, such as the Paradoxe fragrance.

Additionally, the Paradoxe range is available for purchase on other platforms like Ulta Beauty and Amazon, offering the option to refill the perfume bottle, thus reducing packaging material. If you wish to make a purchase, you can visit the Prada Beauty website or explore other online retailers such as Ulta Beauty and Amazon.

what is the cost of a prada perfume refill

The cost of a Prada perfume refill varies depending on the specific product and size. For example, the Prada Refillable Perfume & Fragrance Bottle is available in different sizes, such as 10ml, 30ml, 50ml, and 90ml, with prices starting at $142.00.

The Paradoxe Eau de Parfum Refill for Prada Paradoxe is available in a 3.4 oz size, but the price is not explicitly mentioned in the search results.

It’s worth noting that the entire Prada Paradoxe range is refillable, which allows for less packaging material and helps reduce environmental impact. To purchase a Prada perfume refill, you can visit the official Prada Beauty website or other retailers like Ulta Beauty.

what are the available prada perfume scents for refillable bottles

Prada offers refillable perfume bottles for some of its fragrances, such as the Paradoxe range. The Paradoxe perfume is available in 30ml, 50ml, and 90ml sizes, with a 100ml refill option, allowing for less packaging materials.

The Paradoxe fragrance features floral ambery notes of Neroli, Jasmine, Amber, and Musk. The refillable bottles are designed to reduce the use of packaging materials, with a single 50ml bottle and a 100ml refill helping to avoid the use of 40% less materials.