Does Mugler Refill Perfume? (+ The Cost)


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Yes Mugler offers a refill service for their perfumes. They provide refill bottles that can be used to refill your favorite Mugler perfumes at home or at one of their Mugler Fountains which are located in selected perfumeries worldwide.

13The refill bottles have a capacity of 100ml allowing you to refill your favorite fragrances4.

To get a perfume refill at Mugler’s you can either refill your bottle at home using a refill bottle or visit a Mugler Fountain in a store. Mugler offers refillable perfume bottles with a capacity of 100ml which allows for significant savings in terms of packaging waste.

Here’s how to refill your bottle at home:

  1. Open your 100ml Refill bottle
  2. Unscrew the pump and insert a mini funnel
  3. Carefully refill the perfume bottle
  4. Reseal the perfume bottle and enjoy

Mugler has over 10000 Mugler Fountains operating at selected perfumeries worldwide where skilled Mugler Ambassadors can help you refill your empty perfume bottle. When refilling your bottle at a Mugler Fountain you can save up to 100% of the plastic 88% of the cardboard 56% of the glass and 54% of the aluminum.

The cost of refilling your bottle varies depending on the size and the location. For example refilling a 1.0 oz Alien bottle costs around $55 at a Mugler Fountain.

To find the exact cost for refilling different sizes of bottles you can check with your local department store or perfumerie.

what is the cost of a mugler refill bottle

The cost of a Mugler perfume refill bottle is $142.00 for a 100 ml bottle. Mugler offers refill bottles for their perfumes allowing customers to refill their bottles at home or at a Mugler Fountain which is an eco-friendly and sustainable practice.

The refill bottles have a capacity of 100 ml and by refilling your perfume you can contribute to reducing plastic glass and metal waste. The refill process is simple and can be done at home following a few easy steps.

where can i find a mugler fountain to refill my bottle

To find a Mugler fountain to refill your bottle you can visit the Mugler official website and use their store locator to find a store near you that offers the refill service. There are over 10000 Mugler fountains available in perfumeries worldwide.

If you prefer to refill your bottle at home Mugler offers refill bottles for various fragrances which can be purchased online.