Does Marc Jacobs Refill Perfume?


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Marc Jacobs does not explicitly mention a refill service for their perfumes on their official website. However, you can explore their fragrance collection and find various scents, such as Daisy, Daisy Love, Daisy Dream, and Daisy Eau So Fresh.

To learn more about their products and services, you can visit their website or contact their customer service at 877-707-6272 or email them at

Can i refill a Marc Jacobs perfume myself?

Yes, you can refill a Marc Jacobs perfume yourself. One way to do this is by using a drinking straw to decant the perfume into an atomizer.

Another way is to remove the cap from the main bottle and place the travel bottle on top of the nozzle, taking care to line up the red dot with the nozzle. Once it’s in place, lift up and down on the travel bottle to fill it up with perfume.

How to refill a Marc Jacobs perfume yourself?

To refill a Marc Jacobs perfume atomizer yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a refillable perfume bottle: Ensure that the refill bottle is compatible with your Marc Jacobs perfume atomizer. Some atomizers have a cap that can be removed, revealing a straw-like opening for refilling the atomizer.
  2. Remove the cap: Carefully remove the cap from the atomizer, leaving you with a straw-like opening.
  3. Insert the straw: Use a small straw, such as a coffee stirrer straw, and insert it into the bottle of perfume. If your perfume bottle does not unscrew, you may need to spray it to transfer the perfume to the atomizer.
  4. Fill the atomizer: Keeping your finger over the top of the bottle, remove the straw and insert it into the atomizer. Let your finger go, allowing the perfume to flow into the atomizer. You may need to repeat this process several times to fill the atomizer completely.
  5. Reassemble the atomizer: Once the refill process is complete, remove the refill bottle from the fragrance bottle and put the caps back on both.

Remember to read the instructions from your refill bottle to find out how to activate the refill process, as some bottles may have different mechanisms. By following these steps, you can easily refill your Marc Jacobs perfume atomizer and enjoy your favorite scent whenever you want.