Does Ipsy Refill Perfume?


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Ipsy does not currently (as of January, 2024) offer a refill service for their perfumes. While Ipsy does offer a customizable refill schedule for some products, such as razor refills, there is no specific mention of a perfume refill service for Ipsy products.

Additionally, there is no information available on the Ipsy website or official channels regarding a perfume refill service. Therefore, it can be concluded that Ipsy does not offer a refill service for their perfumes at this time.

how to refill ipsy perfume

Ipsy perfume bottles are not designed to be refilled. They are intended for single use and are part of a subscription service where members receive a new perfume each month.

If you have a specific Ipsy perfume bottle that you’d like to refill, it’s best to contact Ipsy’s customer service for guidance.

does ipsy offer refillable bottles for their perfume

Ipsy does not offer refillable bottles for their perfumes directly on their website. However, they do offer a variety of perfume-related products for sale, such as fragrance sets and travel spray bottles.

If you are looking for refillable perfume bottles, you may consider purchasing them from other retailers, such as the portable mini refillable perfume atomizer bottles available on Amazon.

what is the cost of ipsy perfume refill

The cost of an IPSY perfume refill can vary depending on the specific product and its size. For example, the MYTH Eau de Parfum Travel Spray is priced at $32.00 on the IPSY website.

However, the cost of perfume refills may differ for other products. It’s best to check the IPSY website or app for the most up-to-date pricing information.

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