Does Fragrancenet Refill Perfume? (+ The Cost)


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Yes, FragranceNet offers a refill service for their perfumes. They provide a variety of refillable perfumes and add the atomizer for all your travel fragrance needs2. The Perfume Travel Atomizer is designed to hold up to 50 sprays and is airline and TSA approved4. The patented refill system fills directly from almost any fragrance bottle with a removable spray head4. You can find refillable perfumes on their website, with options for free shipping on U.S.

orders1. If you have any inquiries or need assistance, you can contact FragranceNet’s customer service at 1-800-PARFUMS (727-3867) for toll-free support in the U.S., or 631-582-5204 for international inquiries5.

how to refill a fragrance bottle from fragrancenet

To refill a fragrance bottle from FragranceNet, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the cap: Use pliers to remove the sprayer or nozzle from the perfume bottle.
  2. Remove the spray head: Take off the spray head from your favorite perfume bottle.
  3. Place the refillable perfume atomizer: Place the refillable perfume atomizer on top of the nozzle peg.
  4. Pump the fragrance: Pump, pump, pump the atomizer up and down to fill it with fragrance. Keep pumping until the fragrance reaches the top of the ‘window’.
  5. Reattach the spray head: Once the atomizer is filled with fragrance, reattach the spray head to the perfume bottle.

The FragranceNet refillable perfume atomizer is designed to hold up to 50 sprays and is compatible with almost any fragrance bottle with a removable spray head. The patented refill system allows for easy and convenient refilling of your favorite fragrances.

what is the cost of a refillable perfume bottle from fragrancenet

The cost of a refillable perfume bottle from FragranceNet varies depending on the specific product and any ongoing promotions. For example, a 0.169 oz refillable perfume travel atomizer was listed at a price of $22.49 with a coupon.

However, the price may differ for other sizes or specific products. It’s best to visit the FragranceNet website and check the current prices for the specific refillable perfume bottle you are interested in.

Can I Get My Perfume Refilled at Fragrancenet and Target? And What Would Be the Cost?

Yes, you can get your perfume refilled at Fragrancenet and Target. The cost of a Target perfume refill varies depending on the brand and size of the bottle. Fragrancenet also offers refill services for a reasonable cost. It’s a convenient way to extend the life of your favorite fragrance.

what is the return policy for fragrancenet’s refillable perfume bottles

Le Labo offers a refillable perfume bottle service for their 50ml and 100ml classic collection eau de parfum bottles. To refill your empty perfume bottle, you can send it to Le Labo in their dedicated packaging, and a lab technician will refill your bottle with the same scent and an updated personalized label.

The refilled bottle will be returned to you between 5 to 10 business days. This service is currently available in the U.S.


Maison Margiela also offers a refill program for their REPLICA line, which includes a 30ml bottle and a 100ml refillable perfume bottle. The refill sets are available for four of their best-selling scents: Beach Walk, By the Fireplace, Jazz Club, and Lazy Sunday Morning.

The refill policy for Louis Vuitton is not explicitly clear, but it is mentioned that they charge $180 for a 100ml bottle refill, which is slightly less than half the initial price. Mugler also offers a refillable perfume bottle service, with over 10,000 Mugler Fountains operating at selected perfumeries worldwide.