Does Coach Refill Perfume?


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Coach offers a refillable case for their perfumes, which holds roughly 125 sprays and should last until your next order. This service is available through subscription plans offered by certain retailers.

The refillable case is an elegant and convenient way to enjoy Coach perfumes. However, it’s important to note that the availability of this service may vary based on location and specific products.

how to order a refill of coach perfume

To order a refill of Coach perfume, you can consider the following options:

  1. Coach Official Website: Visit the Coach UK official site at to explore their fragrance collection and order your preferred perfume refill. They offer free shipping and returns on all orders.
  2. Fragrance HUB: Purchase a 5/10ml travel size refill of Coach Floral EDP Women by Fragrance HUB at. This refill is affordable, portable, and reusable, and can be paid for using the FH Merchant’s UEN number or QR code.
  3. Scent Box: Subscribe to Scent Box, which offers Coach fragrances in refillable cases holding roughly 125 sprays. Your fragrance will come with a sleek atomizer case, and you can enjoy free exchanges and shipping. Cancel anytime without any penalties.
  4. Perfumes Club: Visit Perfumes Club at to find a wide variety of Coach perfumes, including refillable options. They offer free shipping on Coach fragrances.

Remember to check the availability of the specific perfume you are looking for and follow the instructions provided on the respective websites to place your order.

what is the cost of a refill for coach perfume

The cost of a refill bottle is about the same as one 50ml bottle, and you can get two refills out of it when using the 50ml bottle.

Can I Get My Perfume Refilled at Coach as Well as J. Crew?

Yes, both Coach and J. Crew offer perfume refills at select locations. You can bring in your empty J. Crew perfume bottle to their designated stores for a refill. The same goes for Coach; if you have a Coach perfume bottle, you can get it refilled at their stores.

how long does it take to receive a refill of coach perfume

It depends on where the refill is being ordered from and the shipping method chosen. It is recommended to check with the retailer or Coach directly for more information.