Can You Send Perfume in the Mail?


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Yes you can send perfume in the mail domestically within the United States using USPS FedEx UPS and other carriers.

12356However there are some restrictions and guidelines that must be followed. Perfume is considered a hazardous material so it must be packaged in specific materials and labeled correctly2. When shipping perfume domestically it is recommended to use ground transportation only5. Shipping perfume internationally is not allowed by air transportation235. It is important to check the carrier’s regulations and guidelines before shipping perfume to ensure timely delivery and avoid any issues25.

What specific packaging materials and labeling requirements are necessary when sending perfume through the mail?

When sending perfume through the mail it is important to use appropriate packaging materials and labeling requirements to ensure that the product arrives safely and legally. Here are some specific guidelines to follow:

Packaging Materials:

  • Use a sturdy box that is appropriately sized for the perfume bottle to prevent it from moving around during transit.
  • Wrap the perfume bottle in bubble wrap or other protective material to prevent it from breaking.
  • Use packing peanuts or other cushioning material to fill any empty space in the box and prevent the perfume bottle from shifting.

Labeling Requirements:

  • If the perfume is regulated by the FDA (meaning that it is a cosmetic) the ingredients must be listed on the packaging or product.
  • The packaging should mention safe tested ingredients.
  • The perfume label should be compliant and clearly communicate vital information to the consumer.
  • If the perfume is marketed on a retail basis to consumers such as in stores on the Internet or person-to-person it must have a list of ingredients.
  • The labeling requirements are codified at 21 CFR 701 and 740.

Can you provide more details about why shipping perfume internationally by air transportation is prohibited? Are there any exceptions or alternatives?

Shipping perfume internationally by air transportation is prohibited due to safety concerns. Perfume contains a high concentration of alcohol making it a flammable liquid that is classified as dangerous goods.

Dangerous goods are forbidden from carriage on aircraft by passengers or crew either as or in carry-on baggage checked baggage or air cargo. Therefore shipping perfume via air freight services is not allowed.

However there are some exceptions to this rule. Retail products that contain limited amounts of ethyl alcohol such as perfume are excepted from the typical regulations for Class 3 Flammable Liquids.

As long as the product is 70% or less ethyl alcohol and is either in a glass bottle with 8 ounces or less or another type of container containing 16 fluid ounces or less then they are excepted from the typical regulations. It is important to check the relevant rules and regulations before shipping perfume internationally as there are restrictions for shipping this item.

Are there any quantity limits or restrictions on the amount of perfume that can be sent through the mail both domestically and internationally?

Yes there are quantity limits and restrictions on the amount of perfume that can be sent through the mail both domestically and internationally. The maximum amount of perfume that can be shipped via USPS is 16 fluid ounces per package and no more than 66 ounces per day.

Any fragrance item containing alcohol can only ship domestically and cannot ship internationally because of USPS restrictions. The maximum amount of fragrance you can mail through UPS is 16 ounces.

When sent domestically perfume also cannot be mailed using Express Mail Priority Mail or First-Class Mail. But a package may be sent if it meets the following conditions: the package is sent using Parcel Post (to be renamed Standard Post effective Jan.

27 2013) the perfume container doesn’t exceed 16 fluid ounces the customer confirms the perfume is sufficiently cushioned to prevent damage the container is strong enough to prevent damage during normal handling and the package is marked “Surface Only” or “Surface Mail Only” . Shipping perfume internationally requires a TSA Clearance and validation that the shipping company knows how to pack dangerous goods.