The Best Websites for Perfume Samples for Women


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Finding a new signature scent can be an exciting yet daunting task. With so many different perfume options on the market, it can be hard to decide on just one fragrance without being able to test them out first.

Perfume samples allow you to experiment with different scents without fully committing to a full-sized bottle right away.

There are several great websites where you can purchase perfume samples to help you discover your perfect fragrance match. Keep reading to learn more about the top options for sampling women’s perfumes online.


is one of the best websites for purchasing perfume samples and decants. They offer over 800 fragrances from top luxury brands such as Tom Ford, Creed, Le Labo, Diptyque, and more.

MicroPerfumes has an extensive selection of women’s perfume samples available in 1ml, 2ml, and 5ml sizes. The samples allow you to experience the true scent of each fragrance before investing in a full bottle.

They also offer purse sprays in 10ml and 30ml as a great way to take your favorite perfume on-the-go.

One of the best things about MicroPerfumes is that they guarantee 100% authenticity for all of their fragrances. You can trust that you’re sampling the real thing.

MicroPerfumes offers free shipping within the United States for orders over $59. This makes it easy and affordable to stock up on multiple samples at once.

For international customers, they provide flat rate shipping fees.

Overall, MicroPerfumes is a top choice for perfume samples thanks to their huge selection, authenticity guarantee, and free domestic shipping policy.


Another extremely convenient option for perfume samples is . Amazon sells individual vial samples, sample gift sets, rollerballs, and more from designer and niche brands.

Some of the perfume houses carried on Amazon include Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Estée Lauder, and many others. The available sample sizes range from 1ml vials up to 10ml rollerballs.

Amazon Prime members can enjoy access to fast free shipping on eligible items. This perk makes it easy to quickly order perfume samples with minimal wait time.

One thing to note when buying perfume samples from Amazon is to beware of potential counterfeits. Make sure to vet the seller thoroughly and read reviews before purchasing.

But when you buy from a reputable seller, Amazon can be a quick and affordable way to test out new fragrances.

Perfumes and Decants

is an online website focused solely on perfume samples. They have a large selection of women’s fragrances from both designer and niche brands.

Their sample vials are 1.5ml or 2ml in size. Each vial comes individually wrapped with the full fragrance details printed on the outside packaging.

They organize their samples by occasion, such as work or evening perfumes, which makes it easy to find the perfect scent. Brands available include Versace, Gucci, Viktor & Rolf, Jo Malone, and more.

One unique aspect of Perfumes and Decants is that each fragrance listing includes detailed scent notes and a description of when that perfume would be suitable to wear. This additional context helps inform your sampling selection.

For affordable access to designer perfume samples, Perfumes and Decants is definitely worth checking out. Their focus on providing occasion-based recommendations sets them apart.


is a perfume sample website with a luxury edge. They specialize in niche, hard-to-find, and exquisite fragrances.

Luckyscent’s collection includes perfume oils, extraits, eau de parfums, and a wide array of samples.

Rather than small vials, their samples are packaged in tear vials with integrated dabber applicators. This allows you to neatly apply each scent during testing.

The samples are between 0.7ml to 2ml in volume.

Some of the luxury niche brands you can sample from Luckyscent include Le Labo, Byredo, Diptyque, Kerosene, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, and many other exclusive names.

While Luckyscent doesn’t offer free shipping, their samples ship starting at a flat rate of $3, making it easy to justify ordering multiple samples to test. This website is perfect for exploring unique artisanal fragrances you won’t easily find elsewhere.

VIP Fragrances

For a wide selection of designer brand perfume samples, is a top choice. They focus exclusively on offering designer samples for both men and women.

VIP Fragrances provides 0.05ml spray samples from houses like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani, and more. The spray format gives an authentic sampling experience.

One unique aspect of VIP Fragrances is that you can purchase sample kits focused on a specific perfume house. For example, you may want to test out the entire women’s Calvin Klein fragrance range before deciding on your favorite.

With affordable pricing starting at just a few dollars per vial, VIP Fragrances makes it easy to shop for designer perfume samples on a budget. Their brand-focused sample packs help simplify the selection process.

Scent Angels

For a wide range of both mainstream and niche fragrances, has perfume samples starting at just $3 each. They offer over 400 different women’s fragrances to choose from.

Scent Angels provides samples in 5ml and 10ml decant spray vials. The larger size options give you enough perfume to experience the scent’s evolution as you wear it over hours or days.

Their catalog includes popular designer perfumes as well as harder to find scents from Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Kilian, Bond No. 9, Roja, and other specialty houses.

Niche samples tend to be more expensive but provide a unique opportunity to test exquisite fine fragrances.

With regular promotions and sales, this website makes sampling a wide world of women’s scents very affordable and accessible. Their large catalog has mainstream and niche options to suit all preferences.

Scents Gift

For sampling luxury and niche perfumes, provides an unparalleled selection of perfume samples for women. They focus exclusively on carrying prestige perfumes from high-end brands.

Scents Gift offers perfume samples in 5ml and 10ml sizes. Some of the exquisite fragrances you can sample include Clive Christian, Tom Ford Private Blend, Xerjoff, Initio Parfums, Roja Parfums, and other ultra prestige names.

The website guarantees that all of their perfumes are 100% authentic. Every order includes free first class shipping in the United States.

While luxury perfume samples don’t come cheap, Scents Gift provides an opportunity to experience some of the world’s finest fragrances before investing hundreds in a full bottle. For exclusive access to luxurious niche perfumes, Scents Gift is the place to shop.

Key Takeaways When Sampling Women’s Perfumes Online

  • Sample sizes from 1-10ml allow you to test out a fragrance before committing to a full bottle
  • Individual samples ship quickly, making it easy to sample many options
  • Authenticity is key – beware of counterfeit perfume samples
  • Sample discovery sets and sample packs simplify the selection process
  • Read seller reviews and product descriptions closely
  • Samples allow you to experience how a scent evolves over the course of wear
  • Keep budget in mind – samples provide affordable trial before investing in a luxury bottle

The world of fragrance has so much to explore. With endless women’s perfume options on the market, sampling is the best approach before deciding on your signature scent.

Thankfully there are many excellent online retailers offering perfume samples at a range of price points.

Whether you’re looking to test the most elite niche perfume oils or designer best-sellers, sampling first helps prevent buyer’s remorse. With a bit of upfront research and review reading, you can confidently purchase perfume samples knowing you’ll be getting the real thing.

Go forth and explore the myriad of beautiful fragrance options available with these top websites for perfume samples for women. Finding your perfect scent match has never been easier.

Happy sampling!


What are the benefits of buying perfume samples?

The main benefits of perfume samples are being able to test out new fragrances affordably before committing to a full bottle, and comparing different options to find your signature scent. Samples allow you to experience how a perfume smells on your skin.

What is the best website for designer perfume samples?

Some top websites for designer perfume samples include Amazon, MicroPerfumes, VIP Fragrances, Perfumes and Decants, and ScentSplit. These sites offer samples from major designer houses like Chanel, YSL, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, and more.

Where can I find niche or luxury perfume samples?

Great options for sampling niche/luxury fragrances are Luckyscent, Scents Event, The Perfumed Court, and Surrender to Chance. These sites focus on harder-to-find and high-end perfumes from specialty fragrance houses.

What are typical perfume sample sizes?

Common perfume sample sizes range from 1-2ml for vial samples, 5-10ml for spray samples, and 10-30ml for miniature sprays. Larger samples give more of the true fragrance experience.

How many wears will I get from a perfume sample?

Depending on the sample size, you can expect anywhere from 1-2 wears from a 1ml vial up to 10-15 wears from a 10ml spray. Enough to determine if you want a full bottle.

Are perfume samples safe to buy online?

Buying from reputable sellers with good reviews is important for authenticity. But overall, perfume samples purchased from reliable online retailers are safe and legitimate.

How long will it take to receive perfume samples by mail?

Most reputable sites ship perfume samples within 1-3 business days in the US. Expect samples to arrive within 3-5 business days with standard shipping.

Faster options are available.

Can I return perfume samples if I don’t like them?

Unfortunately, most sample vendors have no return policies given the nature of sampling fragrances. Read seller policies closely before purchasing samples.

How should I store perfume samples?

Store fragrance samples in a cool, dry place away from heat, light, and humidity to maintain freshness. Keep them in original packaging or a sealed container.

How do I apply perfume samples?

Use the provided applicator, or dip a coffee stirrer or toothpick into oil samples to apply. For spray samples, spray onto pulse points like wrists, behind ears, and neck.